Huellas Latinas Fundraising

Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) Fall 2023

Despite what some people might think, no individual is born wanting to be an immigrant. Due to social injustice some of us have been forced to abandon our homelands in pursuit of security, better opportunities, and to fulfill our dreams.

Fortunately, some immigrants’ life stories are fun and endearing. Today I would love to share mine with you. The story begins in Minnesota in 2018. My primary focus at the time was to break down the obstacles that stood between the dreams I had in my homeland, Venezuela, and the dreams that were beginning to unfold here. During my journey as an immigrant, outdoor activities played an essential role, providing me with opportunities to actively contribute to the growth and resilience of my community.

In 2021 I founded Huellas Latinas with the goal to inspire and empower our vibrant Latinx community to engage and participate in outdoor activities. Huellas Latinas offers inclusive and culturally responsible year-round outdoor recreation programs that promote overall well-being, foster a deep connection with nature, and forge strong community bonds.

As part of my commitment to provide visibility to the beautiful outdoor spaces found in Minnesota, I made the decision to embark on an extraordinary adventure: to hike the entire 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), from the Wisconsin-Minnesota border to the Canadian border from August 25th to September 17th, 2023. This will be my first ever thru-hike.

To accomplish this endeavor, I have been diligently preparing myself to overcome physical, mental, and emotional obstacles. However, will is not enough and special equipment is needed to endure this path. After breaking my piggy bank, I realized I still needed about $4,000.00 USD to fully access the right equipment to be able to continue participating in this journey.

I know my task is daunting, but I truly believe my participation in this event will amplify the presence of the Latinx community, including immigrants and refugees, in outdoor activities under the principle of “Outdoor for everyone”. It will also empower women by helping them feel at ease when engaging in outdoor activities by themselves, discovering safe and respectful spaces, free from all forms of violence. Additionally, I seek to increase the visibility of the remarkable wonders of the Superior Hiking Trail within the Spanish-speaking community.

Therefore, I am asking for your support to help me purchase gear that will keep me dry at night and keep the mosquitos off of my skin. Your donation will help me fulfill my dream to participate in this Thru-Hike experience and will open the path to inspire many more women and Latinx community members to engage in more outdoor activities.

You too can be part of this challenge and join the adventure through your direct donation or by sending an item from the list.