In our journey through the cities we build history and leave indelible footprints in the collective memory of the present and the future.

Current history is marked by the constant processes of mobility and displacement of people fleeing wars, social problems, and political and religious conflicts to other countries in search of new opportunities. However, cities still lack a friendly communication system with the new residents, thus creating different levels of social segregation due to lack of information.

Building better cities requires the inclusion of all residents in the planning and development processes of natural and built spaces. Likewise, it requires offering safe spaces for their cultural immersion and personal and professional development. Thus, Huellas Latinas was born to inspire and empower Latinx communities to embrace and engage in outdoor recreation through year-round inclusive and culturally responsive outdoor recreation programs, to promote well-being, connections to nature, foster a sense of belonging, and strengthen community bonds. 


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“Hello Luisana, I wanted to write to thank you for the activities you do with Huellas Latinas. They are really very supportive of Latinos like me who came to the city without knowing anyone. It is a more than great space to integrate and get to know the beautiful places that the city has. Thank you again because you become a guide and always a friendly smile when you are so far from the family. We can see great passion in what you do 😍. Again a thousand thanks and my admiration for that constant work.”

Cristina Tobon (Ella / She / Her) 

“Thank you Luisana for providing an opportunity to see the natural beauties that Minnesota has to offer and specifically the metropolitan area of ​​St Paul and Minneapolis. It is important to see people like you interested in getting involved with the community and how you stated “being part of the city”. Your activities are important to show that our metro area offers endless opportunities to enjoy nature and to instill a healthy lifestyle. These activities also serve so that people who move to this area feel our welcome attitude from this that could become their new community. Thank you for all the work you do and see you in the next activity!”

– Wilmer Fernandez (El / He / Him) 

“I joined Huellas Latinas Hiking Club to meet more people with the same idea of ​​enjoying the landscape and the walks”

– Jorge López (El / He / Him) 

“When I came to MN I didn’t know anyone other than my husband’s parents. Being Peruvian, I really wanted to meet Latin people and feel a little closer to my culture. Huellas Latinas helped me not only to connect with nature, but also with wonderful people”

– Liliana Sanchez (Ella / She / Her) 

“I joined Huellas Latinas with the desire to go out more often. Although I have lived in Minnesota all my life, I don’t know much here. The walks with Huellas Latinas have been a great opportunity to see new places, places that I can later take my family so they too can see all that Minnesota has to offer.”

– Oscar Hernandez Ledesma (El / He / Him) 

“I joined Huellas Latinas Hiking Club to stay connected to my community and enjoy the outdoors with people who may have similar experiences to me, and can understand the transition of moving here from another state, or even from another country. I felt very isolated when I first moved here. Minnesota is finally starting to feel like “home” now that I have started attending walks with Huellas Latinas and other events with groups that focus on people of different races and nationalities.”

– Ripley Nohemi (Ella / She / Her) 

“I joined Huellas Latinas Hiking Club because it invites me to discover new places in different cities in Minnesota with the help of experts who share stories and information about the places. Also, it allows me to meet amazing new people from the Latino community”

– Tania Eden-Piñeiro (Ella / She / Her) 

“Descubrí al club al leer un boletín del DNR de Minnesota titulado “Women in Conservation”. Me pareció muy buena idea para reconectar con mis raíces latinas ya que a diario sólo le hablo español a mi hija (en casa hablamos francés con mi esposo) y ya llevo casi 20 años fuera de México. Mejor aún si es compartiendo una actividad que me encanta y puedo hacer con mi hija! No me quedé decepcionada, el grupo y las actividades me han encantado!”

– Yari Cabezas-Perusse (Ella / She / Her) 

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