Huellas Latinas Hiking Club

Hiking or walking in nature as a recreational activity is our main objective, especially among those with sedentary occupations, anxiety, or among those who wish to maintain a more active life and enjoy the outdoors. Hiking is an exercise that promotes physical, mental and emotional health. It is inexpensive, convenient, and does not require specialized equipment. The distance and the physical effort will depend mainly on the conditions of the terrain.


Hiking Clubs

Offer people other perspectives to enjoy this activity, among them: different ways to connect with nature and its environment, meet and interact with other people, visit different places and learn new things. In addition, the hiking activity can be the starting point for the development of new skills and the enjoyment of other activities such as bird watching, camping, water activities, excursions of all kinds and even road trips for tourist visits.

Huellas Latinas Hiking Club was founded in 2021 and has been dedicated to promoting outdoor experiences for Latino families ever since. Managing to carry out in its first years more than 95 activities impacting more than 608 families in Minnesota. As of 2023 Huellas Latinas Hiking Club has become a membership and leads group hikes all year round.

Hikes typically last approximately two hours and range from 2 – 4 miles. They are done at a moderate pace, depending on the terrain, the weather, and even the will of the leader and hikers.

Huellas Latinas reserves the right to cancel an activity due to bad weather, extreme cold or heat, electrical storm or blizzard. Participants will receive a notification by text message or email at least 2 hours before the activity.

Additionally, Huellas Latinas will promote other outdoor activities in the different seasons so that its members can enjoy other experiences in the parks.

Those attending the activities must complete a registration for each activity. The form will help us to know the size of the group, plan the logistics and make sure that everyone has arrived before starting the activity. Registrations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the walk and within 24 hours, you must send an email to


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