Our Founder

Hello! My name is Luisana and I am originally from Venezuela. I am a Civil Engineer and Urban Planner by profession. Entrepreneur by nature, innovative and enthusiastic. My passion is to serve and live the city through the senses. I am deeply committed to the empowerment of women and emerging leaders, as well as the human and sustainable development of communities. My passion is serving communities and living spaces through the senses. I really enjoy nature and the outdoor activities, especially hiking, camping, and paddle boarding. I also have fun reading, writing, taking pictures and trying handicrafts.

Huellas Latinas

Currently, I lead Huellas Latinas through which I seek to inspire the creation of a vibrant, engaged, and empowered outdoor community. That is why I develop a varied agenda of outdoor activities throughout the year. In addition, I coordinate Huellas Latinas Hiking Club, share information, resources and experiences with the community.

Building Memories

The best way to get to know a place is by experiencing it through its public and natural spaces, understanding its culture and discovering its secrets behind its history. Hiking became my best ally to discover my new home, Minnesota. In addition, it is a perfect activity to maintain my physical, mental and emotional health while I get to know new spaces, new people and build meaningful memories.

I feel fortunate to be able to communicate and share with you the knowledge and experiences that I am acquiring in each adventure. I hope that this initiative will serve to create a community among those of us who share the same interests and that it will also inspire you to recognize the human side of places.

I want to teach you to live spaces through the senses and hopefully inspire you to live your own adventures.

My hiking path since 2021







Challenges Completed

52 Hike Challenge Original Series 2022 - 198.70 miles

52 Hike Challenge Original Series 2021 - 190.9 miles

Reto Mujer Latina 100 miles

52 Hike Challenge Original Series 2023 - 159.90 miles

Superior Hiking Trail - 70miles


If you have a question or if you need more information, please don’t doubt contact to me