Outdoor Photography Workshop Spring 2023


Project created by Huellas Latinas and Raíz Plataforma, in conjunction with Dakota County Forever Wild Parks


Liliana Sanchez, Maia Varela, Lissette Estrella Lillie, Eliana Hermosa, Esmeralda Martinez, Jeniffer Nieto, Luisana Mendez.

The parks managed by Dakota County Forever Wild Parks in Minnesota were the setting for a wilderness photography workshop, in which participants immersed themselves in photographic practice and the creation of artistic projects. During four meetings in different parks, the participants received information on the technical part of photography and focused on topics such as Gestalt theory, visual rhetoric, photographic storytelling and staging.

The results of the workshop were surprising, as the participants achieved a very high conceptual understanding and demonstrated an impressive technical quality. In addition, group creation was emphasized and new friendships, groups and opportunities for families to share in creative activities were generated.

This workshop not only sought to teach photographic techniques, but also aimed to create a safe space for the Latino community, where they can express themselves and feel represented. The result of an enriching experience both personally and artistically for all the participants can be seen in their photos.


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