310 millas en el Superior Hiking Trail 2023

As part of my commitment to bring visibility to the beautiful outdoor spaces found in Minnesota, I aim to amplify the presence of the Latinx community, including immigrants and refugees, in outdoor activities under the principle of “Outdoors for All.” Additionally, I strive to empower women by helping them feel comfortable engaging in outdoor activities on their own, discovering safe and respectful spaces free from all forms of violence. Furthermore, I seek to increase the visibility of the remarkable wonders of the Northshore and the Superior Hiking Trail within the Spanish-speaking community.

I made the decision to embark on the extraordinary adventure of hiking the 310 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) between August and September 2023, from the Wisconsin-Minnesota border to the Canadian border. This marked my first Thru-hike.

I began my adventure with great enthusiasm, and for 7 days, I immersed myself in the SHT. I hiked 70 miles alongside my niece Yenire and my dog Rey. However, after sustaining an injury to my left ankle, I had to exit the trail. Far from feeling sadness for not completing the remaining miles, I was immensely happy and grateful for the experience and all that I learned during my hike. I eagerly look forward to continuing this adventure next summer.

In this virtual library, you will find all content related to this topic, from the inception of the idea, what inspired me, the research and preparation process, to the day-to-day experience during the hike.

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