Winter Hiking Challenge 2023


As a strategy to get more people, especially members of the Latino community, to get outside during the winter, in natural, healthy and inspiring environments, Huellas Latinas has designed a Winter Hiking Challenge to challenge people to walk through 6 different trails during the winter 2022-2023.

Minnesota is a beautiful place to explore, especially in the winter. From Narnia-style snow-packed roads, majestic winter vistas, to waterfalls and frozen lakes in local, state and regional parks. This challenge is a great opportunity to discover new places and enjoy beautiful views while learning and developing new skills doing Winter Hiking.

Get outside and enjoy the winter

The Challenge is designed to take your winter hiking limits to the next level. You can participate and achieve the challenge even if you have never hiked in the winter before.

You can join us for group walks or you can head out on your own. Just be sure to visit the parks listed for the Trail Checklist challenge. The selected hikes on the list invite you to progressively increase the intensity of your walks from 2 miles to 4 miles. By the end of the season, you will have walked about 20 miles and visited 6 different parks during the winter.

Challenge Rules:

  • Total Hikes: 6 Hikes from the Trail Checklist
  •  Period of time: from December 21, 2022 to March 21, 2023.
  •  Upon completing the challenge you must send your Trail Checklist to

Optional: We invite you to take a selfie in each park and post the photos on Social Media using the hashtags #WinterHikingChallenge #HuellasLatinasChallenges and #HuellasLatinas to motivate more people to join the outdoor activities. Be sure to tag @huellas.latinas to guarantee a repost.

This challenge is on the honor system, so be true to yourself. Complete all 6 trails for special rewards and bragging rights!

VIP Package – Most Popular $40.00

  • Winter Hat
  • 2 Challenge Stickers
  • 1 Challenge pin
  • Trail Checklist
  • Cronograma de caminatas grupales
  • Guía de seguridad 
  • Grupo privado del Challenge
  • Repost en redes sociales

* The Winter Hat and Stickers will be delivered personally on the first Hike.

Basic Package – $ 20.00

  • 2 Challenge Stickers
  • Trail Checklist
  • Cronograma de caminatas grupales
  • Grupo privado del Challenge
  • Repost en redes sociales

* The sticker will be delivered personally on the first Hike.

Free Package 

  • Trail Checklist
  •  Cronograma de caminatas grupales
  •  Grupo privado del Challenge 
  • Repost en redes sociales

This Challenge will allow you to

Generate Well-being

spending time in natural environments generates positive changes in our mind, body and spirit. Reduces stress and promotes a sense of tranquility and calm.

Promote Connections

when we visit a park we not only connect with nature, but also with other people, family, friends and even, it is a great way to connect with ourselves.

Develop new skills

hiking during the winter represents a great opportunity to venture into something new, learn and develop new skills.

During the winter there can be many limitations when it comes to going out to enjoy outdoor activities, especially in the colder months. One of them is lack of motivation. Well, Huellas Latinas is providing the motivation, the rest is up to us.

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