Outdoor Photography Workshop Fall 2022


Exhibition Curator:

Juan Diego Pérez La Cruz 


Eliana Hermosa, Liliana Sanchez, Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz, Alejandro Pons Juárez, Griselda Araiza Figueroa, Dinorah Martinez, Yari Cabezas-Perusse, Luisana Méndez, Nohelia Fernández, Mayra Adán Quiterio

For a long time, during my first years of existence, it was difficult for me to separate the concept of house and home, drawing a house and a home at school were almost an exercise in repetition for me, these concepts were intrinsically linked, an abstraction of space made with a square and a triangle accompanied by some scribbles they were the most vivid portraits of my parents and siblings, which was enough to finish my work. These concepts were constantly interchanged or used as synonyms, even when maturity came into my life and I was able to understand the differences between them, it was still an abstract idea, complex to separate or of little relevance to do so.

Some time later and as part of life’s learning, I understood the great differences between them, now as a migrant, I can appreciate the importance of detail on the shelf, the only thing about those fabrics in my grandmother’s house, or those photographs hanging on the refrigerator, these are a set of essential relationships that we create as individuals in the private space that we decide to show as signals encoded by experience to society in search of belonging to it.

There are ways to define oneself through the whole or context, be it: a flag, a team, an idea, using these limits to find meaning as an individual are basic norms for development as a society. These borders mark a delimited space, but not a void, a space that waits for new experiences to thus generate a positive relationship with the context, territory and one’s own being.

When the house detaches from the home, the body suffers, the memory suffers and an instinct arises to make the new context an extension of being, to particularize the experience of a body that manifests itself and inhabits the public, that approaches with its arms open to the uncertain trying to take something between them, something that helps to cling to the new reality is the response to this scenario of anguish.

The same body that travels through space, the one that guides the gaze on the panorama fixed on the horizon, the one that holds the decisive moment in its hands, is the one that teaches us a little about itself in its actions, that shows what it considers important and like that photo on the shelf at home, it not only shows who is being represented on paper, but also allows a glimpse of the soul of whoever takes it.

In this exhibition there are 10 artists who seek to find an extension of themselves in the landscape, a series of views marked by the intimate and the experimental that show different ways to fill the gaps, where the beauty of nature is the sublime tool. construction of houses and homes.

Luisana Méndez

Liliana Sanchez

Mayra Adán Quintero

Griselda Araiza Figueroa

Noelía Fernández / Yari Cabezas-Perusse

Dinorah Martinez / Eliana Hermosa

Juan Diego Perez La Cruz

Alejandro Pons Juárez


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