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5 Ideas to end the summer in a memorable way

5 Ideas to end the summer in a memorable way

By Luisana Mendez

Image by Huellas Latinas – © Huellas Latinas

We don’t need to add justifications to make our days memorable. Living the “here and now” is a life lesson that many of us have learned along the way. Take action and go after what makes you vibrate with joy.

Here are 5 ideas for you to include on your list and end this summer in a memorable way.

1. Enjoy ice cream

Ice cream lovers know that there are no limits on this topic. Enjoying a delicious ice cream is more than refreshing. Ice cream improves our mood, takes us back to childhood, fills our spirits with joy, and of course, eating ice cream is part of the fun. For me, eating ice cream after walking a couple of miles is my best reward. In addition, I am excited to know different places, try the variety of flavors and with it, support the local economy. Minnesota has more than 40 popular local ice cream parlors across the state that you should visit. Here is a checklist with 22 ice cream parlors that are less than 1 hour away (approximately) from the Twin Cities.

2. Go for some fresh air

Find out what your favorite activity is, from playing a team sport, riding a bike, or just going for a walk. Doing any activity outdoors brings important benefits to physical, mental and emotional health. I discovered great benefits in hiking. This activity has taken me to different parks around the state, has encouraged me to develop new skills, and has also motivated me to share the experience with friends, family, and members of the Latino community. I started participating in various challenges such as: #52HikeChallenge2021 (completed) #RetoMujerLatina100Millas (completed) #MNHikingClub (29.5 / 175 miles) and the #MNPassportClub (12/75 State Parks). I have also created a Hiking club to continue sharing this activity and provide support to those who want to start and / or learn hiking. If you want to join, I invite you to participate in Huellas Latinas Hiking Club.

3. Take a Road Trip

Whether by car or motorcycle, go somewhere different with friends. Enjoy the scenery, the time riding and the excitement of discovering a new experience. It does not matter if it is a short or long trip. The simple gesture of leaving home, spending a couple of hours on the road and visiting a different place are enough to feel the thrill of adventure. Minnesota has many beautiful places that you can visit, including many State Parks that you can camp in if that is your intention. In my case, this summer I had the opportunity to do a Road Trip to Crosby Minnesota, during 4 days I visited many places including 6 State Parks.

4. Try something new

I am passionate about adventure and I always like to learn new things. Since the beginning of the year I have been trying new things for the simple fact of living the experience, adapting to the activities that we can do according to the season of the year, and also to develop new skills. From hiking challenges, snowshoes, Cross Country Sky, bouldering, birding to paddle boarding, I have done them for the first time and they have filled me with a lot of emotion. Some of these activities have become my complement when I am hiking or visiting a park. However, one of the most fun experiences has been practicing Paddle Board. I have a super easy to transport inflatable Swonder Sup board that I now take everywhere. You never know how perfect the day can be to jump into the water for a little while. It is really fun!

5. Immerse yourself in your purpose and enjoy the experience

It is not about a competition, but about consciously enjoying everything that you like and that makes you vibrate. Also, you can add great meaning to it if you have the opportunity to share your experiences with others. The result will be wonderful. Set a purpose and start your journey. Nothing has to be perfectly planned, just start, enjoy and see where things take you. I just completed my 52 Hike Challenge. After walking alone, with friends and members of the Latino community throughout the year. I never thought that the last hike of the challenge would be in the company of my parents who came to visit me from Venezuela, my family and friends. It was really wonderful!

Image by Huellas Latinas – © Huellas Latinas – Aug 2021 – Taylors Falls

Have you had a memorable summer? – Let me know what things have been on your list.


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